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Jo Dolphin is a non profit organisation located in Malmesbury, Western Cape. We are a daycare for persons with severe to profound intellectual disabilities, and our goal is to provide a balanced, safe and entertaining environment for these people. 

Welcome to Jo Dolphin

About Us.

Our daycare is designed to maximise the students’ potential for success by providing balanced stimuli. Our focus is on prevention, rehabilitation, social reintegration, capacity building for parents, empowerment for the community, and education. It provides multiple fun activities to uphold these standards, such as singing classes, reading stories, and physical activities such as dancing.


For our older students, we created the Cherry Blossom Coffee shop as part of our life skills program. The coffee shop helps teach students how to communicate with visitors, take orders, serve food, and prepare meals. As students progress in the skills class, they are gradually introduced to kitchen-based skills and are taught the responsibility of cleaning and maintaining order. Furthermore, we are developing a garden to teach students more about vegetables and inspire them to start their own gardens at home. Our staff provides students with two meals and a snack daily. 

Currently, we have 34 students who all require different forms of care. In our early development class, we teach our students basic skills and knowledge, such as recognizing their names, personal details (name, surname, age, birthday, and address), the names of their classmates, writing their names, listening to instructions, and responding appropriately. We also incorporate self-care and self-development by teaching students how to brush their teeth, wash their hands and faces, and become more self-sufficient. Additionally, we focus on their physical and mental development, including fine and gross motor skills.


Overall, our center is dedicated to providing comprehensive care and education for individuals with severe to profound intellectual disabilities, with a focus on self-sufficiency, social reintegration, and empowerment. Our approach is holistic, with a focus on creating an inclusive and empowering environment that enables our students to reach their full potential.

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Watch this video!

Our students interacting with one another and participating in the activities we provide. 

We give 18A Certificates

Please take note, that financial donations to Jo-Dolphin Swartland APD are tax-deductible, and we can issue you with an 18A Tax certificate. Unspecified donations are also most welcome.

For our account details, please got to the 'Donation' page.  

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